Shorty & Mickey with the Florida Plowhands 1970
Dolly Parton
Listen to the song that gave
Shorty his name
as recorded by various artists

Shorty has played, recorded, performed and shared the stage with such notable artists as:

Blackfoot (The original band)
Chubby Wise (co-wrote Orange Blossom Special)
Tommy Durden (co-wrote Heartbreak Hotel)
Was a featured artist on The Toby Dowdy Show (Jacksonville, Fla. 1955-1957)

Shorty Medlock was also an inspiration for the song
"The Ballad of Curtis Lowe" written and recorded by
Lynyrd Skynyrd for the Second Helping Album released in 1974.
Lynyrd Skynyrd dedicated their Nuthin Fancy Album and the song
Made In The Shade to him in 1975.

Grandpa Shorty on the Front Porch
The Life & Times of
The Railroad Man...

Michael recall's "When we were just kids
(I was 7 or 8 at the time), Grandpa Shorty used to lease this old building out to play shows in on Friday & Saturday nights. He called it The Barn. The show featured one set of Rock & Roll by Rickey's band and then one set of Country, Bluegrass & Square Dance music by... "Shorty Medlock and his Fla. Plow Hands Band". Grandpa Shorty would let me play the drums during his sets and would get our Mother Mickey up on stage to sing a few tunes. Man, I thought I was Mr. Big Stuff, sitting up there on stage playing drums and all those people laughing, dancing and clapping! Grandpa Shorty also had The Big Half-time Show each night. He had this totally cool old Model -T Ford rigged up with a big sign in the middle and flashing lights all around that read "Shorty Medlock and His Fla. Plow Hands Band".

He would drive around in circles in the front parking lot and blow the old "Ahhhhoooogaaaa Horn" at full blast! The highlight of the Half-time Show was when everyone (that would fit and was brave enough) would pile onto the back of the old Model -T (back seats and bumper) and Grandpa Shorty would pop wheelies right out in the middle of the parking lot. I kid you not! Those were some very good times to say the least and they always revolved around the music in one way or another."

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