Michael Herring
Lead &Harmony Vocals
Rhythm, Lead & Bass Guitar
Harmonica / Dobro / Percussion
Songwriter / Song Arrangement
Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael D. Herring is a music man on a mission. His goal is to provide the very best music he can possibly produce in hopes of attracting even more satisfied listeners. Michael was born and raised throughout North, South, East, West and Central Florida and comes from a long line of very talented musicians and songwriters.
The youngest Grandson of legendary songwriter, musician and recording artist Shorty "Train,Train" Medlock (Mother's Father) of Blackfoot fame and the youngest Brother of Rickey Medlocke, a founding member and front man for Blackfoot and who is a current and original member of The Lynyrd Skynyrd Band.

It is very apparent that Michael's music roots lay deep within the family's long tradition of

Folk Rock, Bluegrass, Country, Delta Blues, Southern Rock, and SwampSoul Swing & Roll.
Right after the release of Blackfoot's first platinum album "Strikes", Michael had the opportunity to perform several shows in concert with the original band.
Michael says his favorite performance was playing harmonica at a sold out show in the Jacksonville Coliseum with his Grandpa Shorty and brother Rick. Michael's Grandpa Shorty wrote the hit song "Train, Train" including the infamous harmonica prelude on Blackfoot's 1980 recording. "Train, Train" was originally recorded by Shorty with Michael's Mother, Mickey and the Florida Plow Hands. Warrant and Dolly Parton have also recorded the song. Dolly Parton chose to perform "Train, Train" just before being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame


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